"I Guess This Is Growing Up" -Blink 182

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When I dance, I look like I’m a dad at a prom, I never grasped my limbs. Ever since puberty I’ve just kind of felt like we don’t understand each other.

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“Out of four [red carpet premieres], I’ve tripped in two or three of them. Like, massive trips. It’s so scary. And then I end up getting so nervous, I get really hyper. And then I go and do interviews and I’m like, ‘I’m like a chihuahua! I’m shaking and peeing!’ And then after, I’m like, ‘I just talked about peeing on the red carpet.’ And then I get halfway through the red carpet and somebody goes, ‘Suck in!’. And I’m like, ‘Great.’… So I’ve done half the red carpet and I’m sucking in, but I’m wondering about the other half of the pictures. And that was the end of me googling myself.”

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Julie Andrews on how she got the part in Mary Poppins.


when walt fucking disney waits for you then you are the absolute queen of everything

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